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I was initially told not to touch the logo.... but ofcause i did.

Making the logotype bigger and moving it further away from the mark makes the logo more balanced. Before the redesign, the logo did not exist in a one color version. This had to change aswell.

Although the logo still has an undesirable shape, the increase in type moves the balance point a bit futher to the right. The balance point is now more centered in the logo, which in return makes it easier to place.

The bigger logotype also has the benefit of giving you the option to make the logo smaller, for a more elegant look.


Before the redesign, the identity colors consisted of only Black, Logo Blue and Logo Red, none of which really behaved well on top of eachother. It was clear that we needed a broader scale of colors.

At the time of the redesign we were also working on a new look for the interior design of the physical "stores". This process inspired the more earthly tones of the palette (Warm Grey's and Warm Black). While the Fresh Red color is a rework of Logo Red.


So why do we need different portrait styles?

As a bank the userbase is extreamly wide. It spans all the way from the bottom to the top of society. Everybody needs a bank.

The main focus in our communication is regular danes with a normal to high income. For John Doe we want to come across as being friendly, openminded and very serviceoriented. We want them to see our advisors as trusworthy and skillfull, but most of all they have to seem approachable.

The secoundary focus is extreamly wealthy costumers, and potential investors. Whether your'e a wealthy potential costumer looking for a new private banking advisor, or your'e a potential investor. You want the directors, the board and the advisors to look as succesfull as yourself. They have to communicate strenght and confidence in posture and in clothing. This usergroup only wants the best, so the advisors has to look "topshelf" and maybe even a bit elitist.